company culture

Sustainable development, innovation and development, sincere service, win-win cooperation

Our philosophy is to win the market with the most reasonable profits, gain trust with the best service, and develop with the highest quality.

Our vision is: Strive to build a brand and create first-class products in the industry.

Our mission: We are committed to automated welding of resistance welding machine products, automation of welding equipment, automated production and development of wire products and machinery, and efforts to achieve more energy-saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency.

Our outlook on life: As a company and myself, we believe in the following:

              - Integrity and integrity.

              --Collaborative Innovation.

              - Get along with people directly, respect others and be helpful.

              ——Promptly help customers and colleagues find problems and work hard to solve problems.

              - Be strict with the law, be good at thinking, and insist on self improvement and improvement.

              - Trustworthiness, results, and quality for all benefits.

Our belief: to strive to create value in life, to carry forward the role of the lamp, to illuminate others, but also to illuminate their own; justice and benefit each other, well-being of people's livelihood.

Service commitment: 24-hour service.

         One year product warranty and lifetime maintenance.

             Professional maintenance personnel visit the door to maintain, maintain, and communicate with the user equipment maintenance personnel to facilitate the use of the equipment.

             On-site operators can be trained by our company's technical personnel. User maintenance personnel can go to our company for free training.

             After-sales service "timely, rapid and thorough", service response time: Within 24 hours, within 48 hours within the province to solve, 72 hours outside the province to resolve.

             Product improvement considers compatibility as much as possible to increase the utilization rate of the old equipment and to reduce the cost to solve the problem of product replacement.