Company Profile


Kunshan Huixin Welding Machinery Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of industrial frequency resistance welding machine, medium frequency inverter resistance welding machine, wire product manufacturing machinery, sheet metal products and home appliance industry machinery research and development and manufacturing, sales, welding technology consulting and Serving professional high-tech enterprises. The main products are: medium frequency inverter, industrial frequency AC (single cylinder, multi-cylinder, gantry type) series of resistance type welding machine; wire automatic straightening and cutting machine series, various types (bending machine, circular machine, Spring machine, trimming machine, "U" type machine, buttoning machine, mall shopping trolley net blue forming machine series, etc.) wire forming machinery and equipment; and self-designed research and development welding automation production. And are widely used in rack production, storage cage production, shopping malls shopping cart production, pet cage production, sheet metal shelf production, automotive Jinsheng, electrical cabinet production, home appliances production and other industries.

    ——The main successful cooperation and long-term cooperation customers are: Shanghai Yongguan Shelf, Shanghai Meigulong, Shanghai Kaidi, Shanghai Hesheng, Shanghai Jinfeng, Shanghai Fumeilong, Suzhou Group Yao, Suzhou Chiyoda, Suzhou Changfeng, Suzhou US Gu Long, Suzhou Hongye, Suzhou Jiecheng, Suzhou Guangyang, Suzhou Xingyue Zhaoyuan, Suzhou Soft Dragon, Suzhou Jiamei, Suzhou Shengwei, Suzhou Hebang, Nantong Yuanyang, Nanjing Sinoma, Nanjing United, and Nanjing Longxingteng , Zhejiang Fumao, Zhejiang Dajiang Shelves, Zhejiang Luyao, Minjiang Jianpeng, Zhejiang Jiulong, Shandong Yulu, Shandong Haier, Anhui Meigulong, Anhui Midea Air Conditioning, Anhui Xinhongfa, etc., and the products are exported to Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries.

    Kunshan Welding Machinery Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in the beautiful and fertile Jiangnan Water Township, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province National Hi-tech Development Zone. Over the years, a group of outstanding customers have been brought along with our company to bring forward their final positive opinions and suggestions, and they have been constantly encouraged and supported. A group of excellent technical experts have also participated in... We are grateful all the way. In the future we will continue to travel with our old and new friends.

    After many years of development, Kunshan Huixin Welding Machinery Automation Technology Co., Ltd. now has a large number of technical backbone core talents engaged in the research and development of resistance welding, wire forming products forming machines, and sheet metal welding, and owns a group of machinery, electronics, and welding. , automatic control, mechanical and electrical integration, management and other professional technical teams and high-quality workforce. And strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management guidelines and production in accordance with national standards and production, while learning from and into the world's advanced enterprise management model and operating experience, in technology adhere to independent development and the introduction of foreign advanced technology in the same industry, the basic principles of combining. In the aspect of product structure, we constantly adjust and combine high-tech products with high-quality products in accordance with the development needs of the market, strive to open up the market; adhere to the quality policy of “quality is the life of the enterprise, quality is the future”, continuous improvement, continuous improvement Management system; use flexible and effective reward promotion mechanism in operation and management, control expenses and pay attention to the use of resources, reduce expenditure, and rationally allocate and use. In combination with the above effective measures and flexible management mechanisms, the company's operating sales will increase by more than 20%.

In recent years, through the continuous improvement and development of standard model product development, the company has also committed itself to the development and manufacture of various welding automation equipment and welding production lines. It strives to meet market demands and develop in depth in the industry. It has succeeded in designing and manufacturing a successful one. A large number of automated welding production lines for well-known companies at home and abroad, and to a certain extent successfully changed the production of racks, storage cage production, shopping cart shopping cart production, pet cage production, sheet metal shelf production, automotive Jinsheng, electrical cabinet production The traditional production and operation molds in industries such as home appliance production and other industries have solved the man-made production problems for many companies, greatly improved the production quality, and achieved a win-win goal of energy saving and environmental protection.

        The future of Kunshan Huixin Welding Machinery Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the people-oriented, scientific and technological development, continuous operation of the spirit and determination, with enthusiasm and dedication to serve our customers. And will continue to work together with old and new friends to jointly explore the market and create greater glories.