Detailed analysis of the safety operation specification diagram of the screen welding machine

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Wire mesh welding machine safety operation points:

The butt welder shall be installed indoors and shall be reliably grounded (or connected to zero). When multiple butt welders are installed together, the distance between the machines shall be at least 3m. Connected to different power sources. Each unit should have its own control switch. Switching box to the fuselage conductor should be added protection sleeve. The cross-section of the conductor should not be less than the specified cross-sectional area.

  Before operation, check all parts of welder:

1) whether the mechanical parts such as pressure levers are flexible;

2) Is the various fixtures firm?

3) Whether the power supply and water supply are normal.

  The flammable materials in the vicinity of the operation site should be cleared away. Mirrors and gloves for fire-fighting equipment should be provided. The standing floor should be covered with wood or other insulating materials.

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