What is a cutting machine? How to choose a straightening and cutting machine?

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Wire Straightening Cutting Machine Selection Knowledge:

According to the use of wire rods in different industries, a suitable wire straightening and cutting machine should be selected.

1. In the construction industry, the wire rod straightening and cutting machine has no finish requirements on the surface of the wire rod, and the length and tolerance are generally within ±1 CM, and the wire feeding speed is between 80 meters and 140 meters per minute, and there is no straightening and cutting gun cutting. The whole process of straightening consists of servo motor or variable speed motor and the man-machine interface of “PLC” control system. It is only applicable to the construction industry and the use of bridge engineering and road engineering mesh products. Such equipment is: construction industry wire straightening and cutting machine.

2. The surface finish of the highway guardrail fence and the mining and mining fence wire are not high, and the length and length tolerance requirements are generally within ±5mm, and there is a certain straightness requirement, so the delivery line speed should not be too fast at every minute. Between 20 meters and 40 meters, and must be cut with a straightened cutting gun to cut off. Such equipment is: ordinary wire industry straightening and cutting machine.

3, commercial products mesh, wire products (such as: racks, shopping carts, carts, storage cages, pet cages, hook products, etc.), for the wire surface has a certain degree of finish required no obvious scratches, wire speed must be Moderate, between 18 meters to 25 meters per minute, and the length tolerance within ± 2MM, while requiring straightening the verticality of the wire has strict requirements placed on the plane can not have obvious beat, and must have straight cut The gun is cut off and the top cut is used to straighten the gun over the groove. The diameter of the wire should not exceed the diameter of the wire. This type of equipment is: precision cable industry wire straightening and cutting machine.

4. For special wire products such as shaft pins and needles, special requirements are required for surface finish. The surface can not be damaged, and the length tolerance requirement is within ±1MM. At the same time, the incision is smooth and the wire feeding speed is 11-18 meters per minute. This is a high-precision straightening. Cutting machine, and in the pressure roller and straightening block, cutter must do special treatment must be straightening cutting gun cut off the top cut off straightening gun over the groove, cutting knife edge wire diameter should not exceed wire according to wire If the diameter is too large, the smaller the line is, the harder it is to straighten and cut. The shorter the line, the thicker the line (over 9.0 or more), the harder it is to straighten and cut. If the request is too high, it may require the use of a biaxial straightening cutter. A wire diameter of more than 9.0 is a special custom-made machine. The shorter the workpiece, not only the cutting edge but also the ratio of the wire diameter, but not the general adjustment. Straight cut the gun, need to increase the air blow the workpiece structure, to ensure that the workpiece straight after cutting off the specified fall into the tray. The reel needs to be made of nickel-aluminum bronze wheels or Teflon plastics. At the same time, it must be made of Teflon plastic. Such equipment is: high-precision wire products straightening and cutting machine.