Straightening and cutting machine common problems handling and precautions

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First, straightening machine common problems processing:

1. After the wire is straightened and cut, the surface is scratched:

A. First check the surface of the wire itself for any scars. If there are any scars, first solve the wire surface quality problem.

B. Whether the straightening machine inlet nozzle is burr, acute angle.

C. Whether the pressure roller grooves, bedknife outlets are smooth, there is no burr, acute angle.

D. Straighten the block pressure trough, whether it is smooth, with or without burrs and sharp corners.

2, adjust not straight, cut short and cut constantly:

A. Whether the machine body and the straightening gun are on the same plane or on the same straight line.

B. Before and after the pressure line wheel pressure groove, straightening block pressure line groove, the position of the tool holder line and the position of the rear circle line are in the same line.

C. Whether the straightening gun's tension spring is too tight or not, and whether the straightening gun and the straightening machine nose blade seat are too large, generally within 1 CM.

D. Whether the upper knife punch and the upper knife are close tightly.

3, incision is not smooth and with burrs:

A. Remove the sharp corners and burrs on the knife and knife.

B. The distance between the upper knife and the lower knife must be tightly closed, generally within 50CM.

4, machine noise:

A. Fix the machine in the designated position.

B. Check whether the fixing screws at both ends of the spindle are tightened.

C. Is the machine body cover damaged?

D. There is no damage to the pulley or sprocket shaft.

Second, choose to cut off the attention matters:

A. Whether the fuselage steel plate bending welding.

B. The thickness of the material used in the fuselage.

C. Whether the motor power and the number of revolutions meet the requirements.

D. Is the size of the straightening shaft reasonable?