What is the characteristics of the welding machine and Huixin welding technology?

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The welding machine is equipped with a suitable electrode form and electrode material, and is widely used in the manufacture and manufacture of various types of hardware products such as home appliances, daily hardware, transportation, electrical appliances, electronics, batteries, instruments, meters and other hardware accessories. Various forms of spot welding and projection welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, plated steel, and various non-ferrous metal plates, wires, pipes, screws, nuts, etc. can be performed.

Welding principle:

A resistance welding machine compresses a workpiece to be welded between two electrodes and applies an electric current, which is heated to a molten or plastic state by the resistance heating effect generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent region. A method of forming metal bonds.

Resistance welding machine welding methods are mainly spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, butt welding.

      The welding machine belongs to the spot welding, which is divided into C-type single head welding machine, C-type multiple head welding machine and gantry type multiple head welding machine. Because the welding electrode is a square electrode, and the upper and lower electrodes are in plane contact, and can be welded at one time by multiple points or one row, the machine is generally not movable and can only move the workpiece for welding. Special specifications can be customized.


1. The upper electrode adopts cylinder pressure, the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate;

2. It can evenly complete the welding of multiple solder joints at one time;

3, can be arbitrarily adjusted pressure head drop and rise speed, ease the pressure on the workpiece impact, but also reduce noise;

4. The secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation method, and the insulation performance is stable and reliable;

5. The main circuit adopts high-power thyristor components, and the output power is strong, stable and reliable;

6. The operation is controlled by a foot switch, which has high productivity and low labor intensity;

7, for metal mesh, mesh cover welding.