What are the precautions for using the pet cage spot welding machine?

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The use of spot welders, especially intermediate frequency spot welders, has become more and more widespread, but because of this, the use of spot welders is becoming increasingly important.

The following are some notes on the use of spot welders:

First, when using a spot welder, adjust the position of the electrode rod so that the electrode arms stay parallel to each other when the electrode is just pressed against the weldment.

Then, the selection of current-adjusting switching stages for intermediate frequency inverter spot welders can be selected according to the thickness and material of the weldment. After the power is turned on, the power indicator light should be turned on. The pressure of the electrode can be adjusted to the spring pressure nut to change the degree of compression.

After completing the above work, you can turn on the cooling water and then turn on the power to prepare for welding.

Specific welding process: the weldment is placed between two electrodes, the foot pedal is depressed, and the upper electrode is brought into contact with the weldment and pressurized. When the foot pedal is continuously pressed down, the power contact switch is turned on, and the transformer starts to work. The circuit is energized to heat the weldment. When the pedal is released after welding for a certain period of time, the electrode rises, and the power is cut off by the tension of the spring and then restored to the original state. The single-point welding process is ended.

Finally, we will talk about spot welder weldment preparation and assembly. Before workpiece welding, remember to remove all dirt, oil, oxide scale and rust, especially for hot-rolled steel, it is best to pick the welds first by pickling, sandblasting, or using abrasive wheels to remove scale. Although the unwelded weldment can perform spot welding, it is particularly important to seriously reduce the service life of the electrode while reducing the production efficiency and quality of spot welding.