What is an intermediate frequency spot welding machine and welding principle introduction

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Kunshan Huixin welding machine automation technology in the use of medium frequency spot welding machine for welding materials, welding head design is very important, we also need to properly understand the welding principle, today I follow the author to understand the welding principle of spot welding machine It.

The spot welding machine is provided with three sets of controllable welding parameters: welding pressure, welding voltage V (WELD VOL TAGE), and welding cycle T (WELD DURATION).

During welding, the above three parameters are set according to the wire diameter of the enameled wire and the different requirements of the weldment. When the pressure applied to the welding head reaches the set value, the micro switch can be triggered to turn on the current.

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Since the tip of the parallel electrode is provided with a certain resistance ohmic contact, the electrode tip generates an electric spark after being energized, part of the insulating lacquer in contact with the electrode tip is burned out, and the remaining part is retracted toward both ends to expose the metal wire.

Due to the continued action of the welding pressure, a large amount of current is driven into the exposed metal wire and the metal substrate, and the electric energy is converted into heat energy, so that paint removal and welding are completed in the same pulse.