The use of spot welding machine welding machine must pay attention to the safety of the use of norms

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Spot welder welding machine safety specification specification:


  1. For on-site use, shelters for rain, moisture, and sun protection shall be provided, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment shall be installed.

2. Within 10m of the welding site, no flammable or explosive materials such as oil, wood, oxygen cylinder, or acetylene generator shall be stacked.

3. The welding operation and personnel must wear protective equipment as required. We must also take measures to prevent accidents such as electric shocks, falling from high altitudes, gas poisoning and other accidents.

4. The secondary tap connecting copper plate should be pressed tightly, and the terminal column should have a washer. Before closing the switch, check the wiring nuts, bolts and other components in detail and confirm that they are intact, intact, or damaged. There is a protective cover at the terminal.

5. Before use, it should be checked and confirmed that the primary and secondary lines are connected correctly, the input voltage is in accordance with the nameplate of the welding machine, and the type and application range of the spot welding machine welding current are known. Do not touch live parts of the primary circuit after power is applied. The primary and secondary connections must be fitted with protective covers.

6. When moving the spot welder, cut off the power and do not move the welder by pulling the cable. When a sudden power failure occurs during welding, the power should be cut off immediately.

7. When welding non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, and lead, they must be conducted in a well-ventilated place. Welding personnel should wear gas masks or breathing filters.

8. When multiple spot welders are used centrally, they should be tapped on a three-phase power network to balance the three-phase load. The grounding devices of multiple welding machines shall be connected by the grounding poles respectively, and shall not be connected in series.

9. It is forbidden to weld on the pressure pipeline in operation, the container with flammable and explosive materials, and the bearing member.

10. When welding the preheating parts, a baffle should be set to isolate the radiant heat from the preheated weldments.