What are the characteristics of the bender and Huixin Bending Machine?

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Bending machine is used to bend various metal materials, such as the use of appropriate molds for aircraft, ships, automobiles, rolling stock, decoration, instrumentation, electrical appliances, radios and other factories. Easy to use, intuitive, can achieve rapid decline, slow down pressure, pressure, fast return procedures, work is convenient and reliable. Therefore, the work accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy are high, and the anti-bias load performance is better. The upper die has a fine adjustment mechanism, which can conveniently adjust the height position of each part of the upper die to ensure a uniform gap between the upper and lower die during the bending work, and can significantly improve the angle and precision of the bending.



Bending machine features:

With advanced, stable, fast, accurate, reliable, power saving, compact structure, a wide range of applications, easy operation, beautiful appearance and so on.

1). The bending mechanism, electronic control system and hydraulic system have reasonable design, compact structure and flexible operation.

2). Handle the material, take the frame, and automatically form a curved frame.

3). Full hydraulic drive, imported hydraulic components, Taiwan famous brand motor, oil pump, solenoid valve and so on.

4). Powerful, using ten fuel tanks step action, easy adjustment. Can bend U-shaped, trapezoidal. Three to four φ5mm round wires can be formed in a single bending frame, which has high production efficiency and precise dimensions.