Industrial 4.0 under the trend of CNC curved frame machine will go from here

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The development of CNC curved frame machines has become more and more important in today's CNC systems. However, compared with foreign famous CNC bending machine manufacturers, the development of intelligent aspects of CNC curved frame machines is still at a certain distance from foreign countries. In order to meet the needs of the market, the rapid development of CNC system technology has also provided the conditions for the technological advancement of CNC machine tools, and modern manufacturing technologies have placed higher demands on CNC technology.

Intelligent development is a major direction for the development of manufacturing technology in the 21st century. Intelligent processing is based on neural network control, fuzzy control, digital network technology and theoretical processing. It is necessary to simulate human expert intelligence activities in the processing process to solve the many uncertainties of the processing process and manual intervention is needed to solve the problem. Intelligent content is included in all aspects of the CNC system:

In order to pursue the processing efficiency and increase the quality of intelligence, such as adaptive control, automatic generation of process parameters;

In order to improve the driving performance and the use of convenient and intelligent connections, such as feedforward control, adaptive operation of motor parameters, automatic identification of load automatic selection model, self-tuning, etc.;

Simplify programming and simplify the operation of intelligent, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent human-machine interface, etc.;

Intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, convenient system diagnosis and maintenance.

Many intelligent cutting machining systems are being researched in the world. The development of intelligent CNC bending machine in China is bound to have a significant impact on the market of CNC bending machine.