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  • Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic

Hydraulic Product features

A, fashionable, reasonable structure, low noise, easy to operate.

B. The shell is made of high-strength, high-grade steel plates, and the structural design is originally imported.

C. Excellent materials, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high mechanical performance of parts and long service life.

D, stable performance, easy operation, with a unified foot, manual switch advance and retreat.

E. Hydraulically driven, stable operation, high efficiency and precise product size. Hydraulic components, mostly dependent on imports. Digital display program control (using imported encoders, preset counting controller) to determine the length and high accuracy.

F. The hydraulic control is equipped with automatic unloading. When there is no work, the pressure is automatically removed to reduce the pressure time of the hydraulic components and prolong their service life.

G. The working principle of each part of this machine and equipment is to place the iron pipe on the two symmetrically balanced large rollers of the machine by means of manually taking the iron pipe that has been sawn, and to put oil through a hob. The liquid cylinder pressurizes the surface of the iron pipe, and the rotation of the big roller causes the iron pipe and the hob to frictionally move through the two large rollers rotating at high speed and rotate together to pull the hob on the surface of the iron pipe to the deep groove to reach the iron pipe. The surface serves as a regular groove.

H. This equipment is divided into hydraulic system, PLC electrical control box and roller mechanism. This machine is powered by a hydraulic motor.

I. This equipment is equipped with oil hydraulic system: it adopts imported oil hydraulic solenoid valve, oil hydraulic pump, oil hydraulic motor, oil hydraulic cylinder, oil hydraulic valve, oil hydraulic pressure reducing valve and other main components. It is powered by oil pump motor to achieve work. the goal of.

J, hydraulic cylinder, gear rotation, smooth operation, high dimensional accuracy.

Scope of application: racks (pillar iron wheel groove)

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