Shelf ordering machine

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  • Shelf ordering machine
  • Shelf ordering machine
  • Shelf ordering machine
  • Shelf ordering machine

Shelf ordering machine Product features

A, fashionable, reasonable structure, low noise, easy to operate.

B. The shell is made of high-strength, high-grade steel plates, and the structural design is originally imported.

C. Excellent materials, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high mechanical performance of parts and long service life.

D, stable performance, easy operation, with a unified foot, manual switch advance and retreat.

E. Hydraulically driven, stable operation, high efficiency and precise product size.

F、The equipment set oil hydraulic system: imported from Taiwan hydraulic oil hydraulic solenoid valve, oil hydraulic pump, oil hydraulic motor, oil hydraulic cylinder, oil hydraulic valve, oil hydraulic pressure reducing valve

    The main components, such as the composition, through the pump motor to generate power to achieve the purpose of work.

G, hydraulic cylinder, gear rotation, smooth operation, high dimensional accuracy.

Shelf ordering machinetechnical parameter

Customized according to customer needs

Shelf ordering machineProduct accessories


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