Customized machine

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  • Customized machine
  • Customized machine

Customized machine Product features

A, fashionable, reasonable structure, low noise, easy to operate.

B. The shell is made of high-strength, high-grade steel plates, and the structural design is originally imported.

C. Excellent materials, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high mechanical performance of parts and long service life.

D, stable performance, easy operation, with a unified foot, manual switch advance and retreat.

Customized machinetechnical parameter




Customized machineProduct accessories

A. The main body of the aluminum alloy is a two-stage pressurized cylinder. All the parts are manufactured through the "CNC" multi-axis machining center and CNC precision "CNC" lathe. The Japanese "NOK" seal ring is selected, and undergoes rigorous testing, control, and standardization. Homemade production.

B, high-power water-cooled transformers, the use of superior "T1" material copper and custom flat copper wire combined with excellent current orientation 0.35mm silicon steel sheet, and the use of imported insulating materials for production. The volume is reasonable, the magnetic field is small, no noise is produced in the welding process, and the cooling effect is good without heat, and it can save more than 10% in similar products.

C, US-funded "Taiji brand" SCR (ie: modules) has a water cooling function.

D. High-strength bending welding foot switch shell and Taiwan imported superior grade switch heart.

E. Pneumatic components, electromagnetic valves, etc. All foreign investment or import.


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