Gantry Type Twenty-four Reinforcement Spot Welding Machine

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  • Gantry Type Twenty-four Reinforcement Spot Welding Machine

Gantry Type Twenty-four Reinforcement Spot Welding Machine Product features

A, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, excellent performance.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel plate and steel pipe, and the structure design is original to imported equipment.

C, choose foreign capital Mier light ¢ 50mm cylinder, light, flexible, fast, machine noise is small.

D, 24 cylinder, 12 special thin sheet metal welding transformers, 12 sets of integrated circuit board control boxes, touch screen man-machine interface "PLC" control operation design and selection of original foreign circuit board assembly, with constant current, constant pressure function available select. The control box has the function of grid voltage compensation. There are three sections of current to choose from, and 15 types of welding specifications can be stored. The current is ramped up and down. One-time compression, one-time 24 points welding.

E, high efficiency, beautiful solder joints do not burn the workpiece.

F. The welding process does not interfere with each other to achieve the same perfection of the workpiece welding point.

G, with a workpiece sliding track.

Applicable industries: sheet metal shelf reinforcement welding, automotive sheet metal welding and other sheet metal welding industry.

Gantry Type Twenty-four Reinforcement Spot Welding Machinetechnical parameter


Equipment can be customized according to the needs of customers

Gantry Type Twenty-four Reinforcement Spot Welding MachineProduct accessories



A. The aluminum alloy body is specially ordered with a two-stage pressurized light cylinder. All parts are manufactured through the "CNC" multi-axis machining center and the CNC precision "CNC" lathe. The Japanese "NOK" sealing ring is selected and undergoes rigorous testing control and standardization. The job assembly process goes into production.

B, high-power water-cooled transformers, the use of superior "T1" material copper and custom flat copper wire combined with excellent current orientation 0.35mm silicon steel sheet, and the use of imported insulating materials for production. The volume is reasonable, the magnetic field is small, no noise is produced in the welding process, and the cooling effect is good without heat, and it can save more than 10% in similar products. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the thin-film gold welding, the transformer secondary starting voltage is specially ordered.

C, US-funded "Taiji brand" SCR (ie: modules) has a water cooling function.

D. High-strength bending welding foot switch shell and Taiwan imported superior grade switch heart.

E. Pneumatic components, electromagnetic valves, etc. All foreign investment or import.

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