Four-fold molding machine

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  • Four-fold molding machine

Four-fold molding machine Product features

A, fashionable, reasonable structure, low noise, easy to operate.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel grades and the structure design is originally imported.

C. Excellent materials, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high mechanical performance of parts and long service life.

D, stable performance, easy operation, with a unified foot, manual switch advance and retreat.

E, the number of control ratio multiple decimal point, direct display length data units: mm, calculation accuracy of 0.1mm, data can be visually displayed, easy to operate.

F, hydraulic type: full hydraulic power drive, hydraulic components, mostly dependent on imports. Digital display program control (using imported encoders, preset counting controller) to determine the length and high accuracy.

G. The hydraulic control is equipped with automatic unloading. When there is no work, the pressure is automatically unloaded to reduce the pressure time of the hydraulic components and prolong their service life.

H, hydraulic 10-axis servo CNC automatic wire forming machine:

Scope of application: Shopping trolleys, Pang cages, barbecue racks, etc.

Four-fold molding machinetechnical parameter


Four-fold molding machineProduct accessories


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