3D Bending Machine HX80-9A

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  • 3D Bending Machine HX80-9A

3D Bending Machine HX80-9A Product features

The HX80-9A wire bending machine adopts three sets of wire feeders to send the wire, and the wire feeder motor is fixed on the base, which reduces the weight of the wire feeder box, makes the wire more light and rapid, and makes the wire angle more stable and accurate.

Twisting head copper sleeve transmission is more stable and stable than bearing transmission output. The overall replaceable structural design of the torsion head outer ring is no longer due to the fixed angle of the outer ring of the previous model, resulting in corner interference and reduced efficiency.

3D Bending Machine HX80-9Atechnical parameter


3D Bending Machine HX80-9AProduct accessories


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