HX-60-10A bending machine

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  • HX-60-10A bending machine

HX-60-10A bending machine Product features

1, the outer twist head can be individually lifted.

Advantages: During the processing, the inner twisting can be not lifted, and the outer twisting alone lifts up and down the left and right processing, and the wire can not be withdrawn from the bended groove. Internal twisting can be done with double curved or curved nails. Faster and more stable.

2, the overall twist around the head can be offset.

Advantages: The inner twist can be processed with confidence, and the torsion spring can be processed. The available R angles are more flexible.

3, the knife can move back and forth.

Advantages: The cutter can be moved back and forth, faster and more stable when processing short products, and there is more allowance space when processing long products, so that the product will not hit the cutter.

4, the wire box can be moved back and forth.

Advantages: The wire feeder box never needs to be removed during processing. Let the wire do not need to pass through the linear mechanism twice. Make the wire more stable. And when machining long parts, there is more room for the feeder box to move backwards. When a short product moves forward, the product is faster and more stable

5, using a new type of computer.

Advantages: easier to operate, more convenient and faster.

HX-60-10A bending machinetechnical parameter


HX-60-10A bending machineProduct accessories


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