Servo PLC control system automatic circle machine

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  • Servo PLC control system automatic circle machine

Servo PLC control system automatic circle machine Product features

A, fashionable, reasonable structure, low noise, easy to operate.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel grades and the structure design is originally imported.

C, full hydraulic power drive, hydraulic components, mostly dependent on imports.

D. "PLC" controls the man-machine interface touch screen operation (selection of imported encoders, preset counting controllers) to determine the length and accuracy.

E, the number of control ratio multiple decimal point, direct display length data units: mm, calculation accuracy of 0.1mm, data can be visually displayed, easy to operate.

F. The hydraulic control is equipped with automatic unloading. When there is no work, the pressure is automatically removed to reduce the pressure time of the hydraulic components and prolong their service life.

 G, the machine has a back line function, the line can be retraced when debugging, greatly avoiding the waste of wire.

H. Excellent material, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high comprehensive mechanical performance of parts and long service life.

Scope of application: wire, steel wire, stainless wire, non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat) processed into a circle, semicircle, etc. to any concentric arc. Can be processed into single ring, double ring, spring, flat ring, open (missing) circle, this machine is one of the special machine for hardware and wire industry.

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