Pneumatic medium frequency welding machine

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  • Pneumatic medium frequency welding machine

Pneumatic medium frequency welding machine Product features

1. Medium frequency DC output, no current zero crossing, strong current output capability, almost no spattering during welding, and good surface appearance of solder joints.

2. Three-phase load balancing, reducing grid impact, power factor up to 0.9, and welding time is short, energy saving is significant.

3. Significantly increase the effective value of the welding current. The power requirement for the workshop is low and the basic investment is saved.

4, the welding current is smooth, no peak, can greatly reduce the pressure during welding, the workpiece surface shape is good.

5、Widely applicable to welding of multi-shot materials, especially aluminum metal and other materials with fast heat conduction and poor weldability can also be well welded. In addition, for the welding of galvanized steel plates and ordinary multi-layer steel plates, the welding quality is much higher than that of ordinary industrial frequency welding machines.

6. Use LC-D series medium frequency inverter control system. The specific features are as follows: The features of the LC-D series mid-frequency inverter control system are as follows:

1 The system uses a high-speed microprocessor and uses an intelligent optimal algorithm to improve overall system stability.

2 The system adopts real-time secondary current closed-loop control, which can control the welding current more accurately and at high speed.

3 each welding cycle from pressure, preheating, slow rise, welding 1, cooling 1, welding 2, cooling 2, welding 3, slow down, cooling 3, tempering, maintenance, rest and other timing, can meet a variety of Material welding process requirements.

4 The operation interface adopts a large-screen LCD screen, which can be switched between Chinese and English. The operation is very convenient and conforms to the international trend.

5 has an automatic connection interface, intelligent diagnosis of system failure display, easy maintenance.

6 This controller is applicable to spot welding machine, seam welding machine, butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, etc. It can be customized according to requirements.

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