Trolley basket head dedicated welding machine

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  • Trolley basket head dedicated welding machine

Trolley basket head dedicated welding machine Product features

A. The use of Japan's high-power contactless water controllable silicon and advanced SCRIC numerical control technology, combined with the use of Japan, Taiwan technology technology structure made of high-power

Water-cooled transformers, such welding machines can be used for single or spot welds, and are simple and quick to operate, with stable currents.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel plate, the structure design is original in Japan, and the control box design adopts the original Japanese control box principle design and the original Taiwan circuit board for assembly.

Constant current and constant voltage functions are available for selection. The control box has the function of grid voltage compensation. There are three sections of current to choose from, and 15 types of welding specifications can be stored. The current is ramped up and down.

C, with a large, small current first choice function, dual pedal dual current open to choose from (When the same workpiece needs different current welding, no need to re-current settings, in the double pedal

The switch can be selected to facilitate the operation, and improve the production efficiency and the quality of welding products and the perfection of the workpiece. And foot pedal assembly using imported switch, the United States

Durable, long life, flexible and convenient operation.

Adaptation scope: fence mesh, construction mesh, wire craft products, racks, storage cages, sheet metal, hardware parts, furniture and other industries.

Trolley basket head dedicated welding machinetechnical parameter

生产厂家 打手推车篮头专用排焊机参数

Trolley basket head dedicated welding machineProduct accessories

Equipment main parts introduction:

1, arm length (thrust extension): 800MM;

2, multi-point seat ¢32: 2

3, electrode 20*70*130MM 2 pieces

4, transformer: 80KVA 1 transformer warranty year after year.

5, single dedicated control box 1

6,125 cylinders 1

7,80 cylinders 1


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