0.5-1.0 dual-axis induction gun automatic straightening cutting machine

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  • 0.5-1.0 dual-axis induction gun automatic straightening cutting machine

0.5-1.0 dual-axis induction gun automatic straightening cutting machine Product features

A. The motors of the straightening device and the wire feeding and cutting device are driven independently and do not interfere with each other. Before and after the two sets of wire feeding mechanisms can ensure the smoothness of the wire feeding and ensure the balance of the machine. B. It can use straight cast iron, alloy and plastic straightening blocks, suitable for galvanizing line, powder drawing line, water drawing line and stainless steel wire, which can ensure that there is no scar on the surface of the wire.

C, cutting length can be arbitrarily adjusted, the error is small, with high hardness of the upper and lower cutters, so that the better incision.

D. The machine shell is made of high-strength, high-grade steel plate, and its structural design is original to Japan.

E. Microcomputer control system can be selected. This system has normal working indicator, machine shutdown alarm function, manual, automatic operation function, output

  Automatic stop function, output preset display function, digital display count function, and various specifications memory function are reached.

F. The straightening shaft is made of 45# steel, which is beautiful and durable. It does not deform or break. And through high-precision machining processes such as milling and milling, this adjustment is ensured.

   Straight shaft balance and concentricity.

G. The pressure roller adopts the superior mold steel, and carries out high-precision car, milling, grinding and wire cutting at the same time. At the same time, high temperature vacuum heat treatment is performed to ensure the flatness of the product.

   Balance, concentricity, and strengthen the wear and strength of the pressure roller, thereby enhancing the life of the pressure roller.

H. With hand pressure to the oil booster device, it is more convenient to use oil for various parts of the machine.

Scope of application: ordinary iron wire, spring steel, water drawing line, powder drawing line, carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire and other non-ferrous metal wire for straightening and cutting. Widely used in mesh industry, racks, storage cages, shopping malls shopping trolleys, electroplating hanging, wire craft products, lighting, spring and other industries.

0.5-1.0 dual-axis induction gun automatic straightening cutting machinetechnical parameter


0.5-1.0 dual-axis induction gun automatic straightening cutting machineProduct accessories


other instructions:

A. Special equipment can be customized according to customer's product requirements.

B. The control box system for straightening and cutting machine can be selected first

(Function description: 1, with a count, memory function; 2, with a production stop alarm function; 3, with a wire does not extend the gun run off line shutdown alarm function; 4, with line break in the straight axis inside the shutdown alarm function ; 5, with material shutdown alarm function after completion of the material).

C, can be customized servo motor "PLC" man-machine operation control system high-speed straightening cutting machine.

D, can be customized square wire straightening cutting machine.

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