XY axis automatic exchange point welding machine

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  • XY axis automatic exchange point welding machine
  • XY axis automatic exchange point welding machine

XY axis automatic exchange point welding machine Product features

1. The equipment can directly and effectively reduce human physical labor, and it is not high in the implementation of skills and related requirements, and can more effectively ensure product quality, and significantly reduce the adverse quality impact caused by humans. Avoid accidents caused by work accidents. Simultaneous operation is easy and understandable.

2. The device can select, set currents of different sizes according to the characteristics of the workpiece, and at the same time, perform welding (or misalignment), and the current change is automatically adjusted and controlled automatically by the "PLC" control system after one set. With a variety of work setting specifications and a memory function, after the completion of the production task, the operation specification and current set in the production process are stored. The next time the same production is performed in the current product, it can be directly on the PLC. "The search inside the control system can be used. It also has automatic pneumatic material-removal function, and the position of the material and stripping material is set on the left or right side of the arm of the welding machine, effectively and rationally utilizing space, occupying a smaller space, and 1 or 2 people control two machines at the same time The effect is better and the production efficiency is higher.

3, this equipment is suitable for small quantity, often changing product varieties, specifications to complete the adjustment is simple and fast, without adjusting the cylinder position, just in the "PLC" control system set the required operating specifications and current, a slight adjustment of the electrode size can be completed The welding avoids the complicated cylinder adjustment process brought by the multi-cylinder or gantry welder, which makes the equipment more flexible in use and improves the production efficiency.

4、Using Japan's high-power non-contact point water controllable silicon and advanced SCRIC numerical control technology, combined with high-power water-cooling transformers made of Japan and Taiwan's process technology structure, this kind of welding machine can be single-point welding, also Spot welding can be performed, and the operation is simple and quick, and the current is stable.

5, the use of high-strength steel chassis, structural design originally in Japan, the control box design using the original Japanese control box design and original Taiwan circuit board assembly, with constant current, constant pressure function to choose from. The control box has a grid voltage compensation function. There are three currents that can be lost, and 15 kinds of welding specifications can be stored, and the current can be ramped up or down.

6, with large and small current selection function, dual pedal dual current switch options (the same work required different current welding, no need to re-current settings, you can choose on the foot switch), better Convenient operation, improve the production efficiency and the quality of welding products and the perfection of the workpiece. And the foot switch adopts the imported switch heart assembly, beautiful and durable, long service life, flexible and convenient operation.

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