Right (touch) welding machine

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  • Right (touch) welding machine
  • Right (touch) welding machine
  • Right (touch) welding machine

Right (touch) welding machine Product features

A, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, excellent performance.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel plate, and the structure design is originally imported from abroad. The design of the control box adopts the original foreign control box principle design and the original imported circuit board for assembly, with constant current and constant voltage functions to choose from. The control box has the function of grid voltage compensation. There are three sections of current to choose from, and 15 types of welding specifications can be stored. The current is ramped up and down.

C. Pneumatic principle: The cylinder is light, flexible, fast, and has little noise.

D. It adopts microcomputer control. The condition input setting is easy, and multiple groups of memory conditions can be set.

E, the reaction speed is quick, can make the burr, the burr that produces when welding to reach the minimum extent, the bad rate drops to the minimum.

F. The electrode of this equipment is fixed with up and down movable arm, fixed block, sliding seat and one-piece cast steel, which is firm, durable and beautiful.

G, with preheating, welding, tempering three current functions.

Suitable for ordinary carbon steel round, flat, square wire, stainless steel round, square, flat wire circle, box and other butt welding, iron pipe, square tube butt welding

Right (touch) welding machinetechnical parameter


Right (touch) welding machineProduct accessories


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