Seam welding machine

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  • Seam welding machine

Seam welding machine Product features

A, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, excellent performance.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel plate, the structure design is originally imported from abroad, and the control box design adopts the original foreign control box principle design and original import line.

    The circuit board is assembled and has a constant current and constant voltage function to choose from. The control box has a grid voltage compensation function, there are three sections of current to choose from, and can be stored

    There are 15 kinds of welding specifications stored, and the current rises slowly and slowly.

C. Pneumatic principle: The cylinder is light, flexible, fast, and has little noise.

D. Fast and efficient: The double transformer provides welding power at both ends of the gantry, and the two cylinders are pressed and welded at the same time. The welded workpiece is more beautiful, flat and strong.

E. The cylinder stroke can be adjusted. The distance between the cylinder and the cylinder can be adjusted. The current, pressure and stroke of each cylinder can be adjusted independently. Any cylinder can be set to work or stop.

Scope of application: automotive, home appliances, wire net blue, sinks, water towers, kitchen supplies, office furniture and other product industries.

Seam welding machinetechnical parameter


Seam welding machineProduct accessories

A. Aluminum alloy main body three-stage pressurized double-input double-outlet cylinder. All parts are manufactured through "CNC" multi-axis machining centers and CNC precision "CNC" lathes. The Japanese "NOK" seal ring is selected and undergoes rigorous testing control and standardization. The job assembly process goes into production.

B. It is specially adapted to high-power water-cooled transformers of seam welders, adopting superior "T1" material copper and custom flat copper wire combined with excellent current orientation 0.35mm silicon steel sheet, and adopting original imported insulating material for production and production. The volume is reasonable, the magnetic field is small, no noise is produced in the welding process, and the cooling effect is good without heat, and it can save more than 10% in similar products.

C, US-funded "Taiji brand" SCR (ie: modules) has a water cooling function.

D. High-strength bending welding foot switch shell and Taiwan imported superior grade switch heart.

E. The primary current value of the welding transformer can be directly displayed. In the working process, if the controller detects an abnormal condition, the output will be automatically closed and a friendly prompt will be given. There is a counting function, which can count the number of welding. Using this function, you can easily understand the work efficiency. The circuit is very concise and highly integrated, which reduces the failure rate and makes it easier to maintain and maintain.

F, other:

  a, conductive traditional shaft: high-precision machining of the surface, reducing friction and electrode contact loss, to reduce costs and save electricity.

  b. Use up to 3mm thick silver alloy, high-quality imported brush, large contact area, reduce heat, and prolong life.

  c. The use of CNC machined parts to ensure the reliable and accurate parts.


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