Custom resistance air pressure flash butt welding machine

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  • Custom resistance air pressure flash butt welding machine

Custom resistance air pressure flash butt welding machine Product features

A. The use of Japan's high-power contactless water thyristor and advanced SCRIC numerical control technology, combined with high-power water-cooled transformers made using Japanese and Taiwan's process technology structures, can be used for single-point welding. Can be spot welding, and easy and fast operation, current stability.

B. The shell adopts high-strength steel plate, the structure design is original in Japan, and the control box design adopts the original Japanese control box principle design and the original Taiwan circuit board for assembly. It has constant current and constant pressure function to choose from. The control box has the function of grid voltage compensation. There are three sections of current to choose from, and 15 types of welding specifications can be stored. The current is ramped up and down.

C. It adopts microcomputer control. The condition input setting is easy, and multiple groups of memory conditions can be set.

D. The reaction speed is fast, and the burrs and burrs generated during welding can be minimized and the defect rate can be reduced to a minimum.

E. The electrode of the device is fixed with upper and lower movable arms, fixed blocks, slide blocks, and one-piece cast steel. It is firm, durable, and beautiful.

F, with preheating, welding, tempering three current functions.

Suitable for ordinary carbon steel round, flat, square wire, stainless steel round, square, flat wire circle, box and other butt welding, iron pipe, square tube butt welding

Custom resistance air pressure flash butt welding machinetechnical parameter


1. Adapt to 2.0mm+2.0mm Q235, Q195 material board, tube butt welding.

2, power: 100KVA

3, connecting copper: thickness: 15mm * width: 100mm

4, using 45 # superior grade steel folding and welding.

Custom resistance air pressure flash butt welding machineProduct accessories


Part Name Quantity Comment

¢125 two-stage pressurized oil and gas welding cylinder 2 Aluminum alloy cylinder body made, imported seals.

Solenoid valve 2 imported from Taiwan.

Double push cylinder 1 Aluminum alloy cylinder self-made, imported seals.

Single-layer oil and gas pressurized cylinder 1 Aluminum alloy cylinder body made, imported seals.

Welding transformer (100KVA) 1 Wutie Steel Plate, internal water-cooled. Homemade production. The structural design is derived from Matsushita in Japan and can be used in conjunction with Japanese Matsushita welders.

Main structure of steel plate structure 1 set Adopt superior grade 45 # thick steel plate welding structure, aging treatment.

Multi-stage pressurization controller 1 set Taiwan imported circuit board, domestic assembly.

Main circuit bi-directional water-cooled thyristor 1 set US-owned, Taiwan-based licensing (quality stability is higher than the Japanese Sanshe).

Positioning tooling, electrode copper block, conductive copper bar, copper band 1 set homemade. Electrode Taiwan production of hard chromium zirconium copper.

Other auxiliary materials 1 set The main electronic device uses Japan's Omron.

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